Maizpide Online


Course Duration Hours Price

Preparing for exams

a month 30 265 €



Duration Hours Price

All levels 

Three months 75 441 €
All levels  Full course year (October to June) 190


C2 online

Course Duration Hours Price
C2 (level 4) Full course year (October to June) 190 670 €

to enroll

Entrance exam: You can do the Level Test by internet or at Maizpide.

To enroll: Before starting the program, transfer payment into Maizpide´s checking account and bring/send a photocopy of your passport and a picture.

Maizpide´s checking accounts:

  • Kutxabank: 2095 5049 69 1062933758 
  • Euskadiko Kutxa: 3035 0088 58 0880026213 


If you withdraw one week before starting the course, we will refund your payment.