We have been doing this for a long time

Maizpide barnetegi-euskaltegi opened its doors in April 1988.

Maizpide’s euskaltegi-barnetegi opened its doors in April of 1988, but it is the consequence of the work and a movement that began in 1960.  In fact, the movement for literacy in and teaching of Basque that “Aita Beneditarrek” from Lazkao started  were pioneers:  In July of 1975 they organized the First Basque Summer Course. In 1977, Goiherriko Euskal Eskola was created,  the school that coordinated all of the literacy in and teaching of Basque in Goierri.

In 1982 they started to give courses throughout the year in the barnetegi. Little by little the project grew, and eventually Maizpide’s barnetegi was the result, a center appropriately  provided with human and technical resources.

Euskaltegia | Barnetegia
As well as learning Basque you will live in Basque