An environment in Basque

MAIZPIDE’s euskaltegia is located in the heart of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country), in Goierri (the region), in Gipuzkoa (the province). 42 kilometers from Donostia; 97km from Baiona; 65km from Iruñea; 77 from Gasteiz and 86 from Bilbo.

Lazkao is a Basque town with 6000 citizens, and however one thinks of it, it calls to mind a place for learning Basque. For the renewal of the Basque language, Lazkao has become a place of great value with its reputation spreading into many corners and throughout the world. The result of many years of doing its best, a town which is alive with its Basque vitality and personality, the result of the town’s power and Basque heritage, all of that is Maizpide.

Surrounded by Lazkaomendi - from where Aralar and Txindoki can be majestically contemplated Ataun, Ordizia, Olaberria, Beasain... and the rest of the villages of Goierri give it a special charm.

Maizpide and Lazkao are closely intertwined. The town of Lazkao provides a unique environment for Maizpide pupils: an environment in Basque, where they can take firm steps in their learning process. The people of Lazkao are welcoming to Basque learners. And an unbeatable travelling companion.

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As well as learning Basque, you will live in Basque