Extracurricular activities


This is a joint project launched more than two decades ago by the townhall of Lazkao, Gerriko (The Basque Cultural Society in Lazkao) and Maizpide. It is an initiative funded by the townhall and coordinated by Gerriko.

In this activity a native speaker mees  two of Maizpide´s students once a week. The purpose of this practice is to practice basque naturally. In addition to strengthening language and the skill of communicating, this project is also adequate for strengthening relationships.


This is a project scheduled for 2021. During Mintzatertuliak, participants have the opportunity to engage in a group conversation about a particular topic. The Mintzalaguntzailea (orator), who is well acquainted with the subject, introduces the topic, and the participants of the activity give opinions, ask questions, and others report their experiences on the subject.

Other extracurricular activities

During the year we organize a number of other activities including conversations, walks, basque traditional dance courses, talks, ad-lib verse sessions, etc.

Maizpide aldizkaria

Maizpide magazine is elaborated annually among students.