Why you should come to the barnetegi?

The best way to learn a language is through immersion. So, what is better than a barnetegi for that? The barnetegi is the best place to depeen and reinforce a language. In a short time, you will take significant steps in learning Basque.

Apart from learning Basque, in the barnetegi you also “live” in Basque. We guarantee learning our language in a natural way. The thousands and thousands of students who have gone through the barnetegi and who now speak Basque in their everyday life are examples of this.

Intensive courses from October to june

Since 1982-193, we offer classes at the boarding school throughout the year.

From October to June, these courses are monthly, 3 to 4 weeks, according to the calendar. The students are here from Monday to Friday. Every month we have intensive courses at all levels, six hours a day for students over the age of 16.

Summer courses

July, August and September

Maizpide has a long history with summer courses. Since the first summer course was organised in 19752 in Lazkao, we have been offering summer courses.

Course for seniors

In this course for adults, Basque language and Basque culture will be the key of programming. As a companion to the communicative methodology, you will work on your ability to communicate and willl have the chance to visit Goierri and other places in the Basque Country.